This is a list of root nodes and edges available for the WhatsApp Cloud API. See Using the Graph API, Nodes for more information on how the API is structured.

Main Root Nodes



Represents a specific phone number. This endpoint is used to set up two-factor authentication.


Represents a specific media object. Use this endpoint to get and delete media objects.


Represents a specific media URL. Use this endpoint to download media from a URL.

Phone Number ID

The /PHONE_NUMBER_ID endpoint has the following edges:



Used to register a phone number or to migrate WhatsApp Business Accounts from a current On-Premises deployment to the new Cloud-Based API.


Used to deregister a phone number.


Used to get and update a business' profile.


Used to upload media.


Used to send messages.


Used to request a code to verify a phone number's ownership.


Used to verify a phone number's ownership.