Sell Products & Services

Businesses using the WhatsApp Business API can showcase and share their products and services with customers for them to browse items and add to a cart without leaving the chat. To use the API for commerce use cases, follow these guides:

  1. Upload inventory to Meta: Upload the business's inventory to Meta using the API or the Meta Commerce Manager.
  2. Connect an Ecommerce Catalog to the WABA: Connect a catalog that has been categorized as Ecommerce to the WhatsApp Business Account.
  3. Set Commerce Settings: Set the business phone number's commerce settings.
  4. Share Products With Customers: Use Multi and Single Product Messages to send products to customers.
  5. Receive Responses From Customers: Track webhooks to get questions and orders from customers.


Never send messages that violate our Commerce and Business Policies. Additionally, Multi and Single Product Messages are subject to the existing enforcement and data sharing rules for product catalogs:

  • Rejection at product catalog level: WhatsApp automatically reviews items added to a catalog connected to a WABA. If a policy violating item is added, the product is flagged and the business is directed to the WhatsApp Commerce Policies.
  • Reporting options for the user at the product catalog level: Users can report a specific product they receive via message. If a user reports a product, it gets reviewed for violations.

Businesses can appeal for disapproved items directly in the Meta Commerce Manager.