WhatsApp Business API - Cloud API

At this time, this API is only available in alpha and beta to selected partners.

Individual businesses and Business Service Providers (BSPs) can now send and receive messages using a cloud-hosted version of the WhatsApp Business API. Compared to the previous solutions, the cloud-based API is simpler to use and is a more cost-effective way for businesses to use WhatsApp.

Whether you’re a business or a BSP, we think the Cloud API provides great benefits when compared to WhatsApp’s On-Premises API:

Key DifferencesOn-Premises APICloud API


Individual businesses and/or BSPs need to host the API software on their own servers and in data centers.

Meta hosts the API.


Individual businesses and/or BSPs need to perform API software upgrades periodically.

API software upgrades are performed by Meta and new features and security updates are available automatically on the Cloud API.

Developers no longer need to do setup, maintenance or scaling work. There will be minimal code changes required to adapt to longer-term API changes.


Businesses or BSPs need to:

  • Pay the costs of setting up and maintaining their servers.
  • Pay per message sent or per conversation, following the rules described here.

Meta pays for the hosting costs.

Businesses only pay per message sent or conversation, per the rules described here.

API Protocol

On-Premises HTTP API.

Graph API.

Message Sending Throughput

(Messages Per Second)

Up to 50 messages per second for single-connect.

Up to 150 messages per second for multi-connect.

Up to 250 messages per second*.

*During the beta, you might experience varied performance levels as the platform is still under development.

Documentation Contents

Alpha & Beta Program

Details for businesses participating in the alpha and beta releases of our API and requirements of the program.


Learn how the Cloud API works. See information about rate limiting, metrics, scaling, data privacy, security, and encryption.

Get Started

Send your first message using the WhatsApp Business API.


See all API nodes and edges currently available.


Get notifications related to your messages and their status.


Get help during implementation. Includes error codes and FAQs.