Business Profile Settings


Use the /v1/settings/business/profile endpoint to configure your business profile settings such as:

  • Business address
  • Business description
  • Email for business contact
  • Business industry
  • Business website

This document covers using API calls in order to:

Some of these settings are configurable using the WhatsApp Web Business Tool.

Note: For versions 2.21.6 and earlier, business profile settings could only be configured as a group. Beginning with v2.23, partial updating of the business profile settings is supported, so individual fields in the business profile settings can be set.

You must use the admin account to access the business profile settings.

Update Business Profile Settings


POST /v1/settings/business/profile
    "address": "your-business-address",
    "description": "your-business-description",
    "email": "your-business-email",
    "vertical": "your-business-industry",
    "websites": [ "your-website-1", "your-website-2" ]





Address of the business
Maximum of 256 characters



Description of the business
Maximum of 256 characters



Email address (in valid email format) to contact the business
Maximum of 128 characters



Industry of the business
Can be either an empty string or one of these accepted values:

  • Automotive
  • Beauty, Spa and Salon
  • Clothing and Apparel
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Event Planning and Service
  • Finance and Banking
  • Food and Grocery
  • Public Service
  • Hotel and Lodging
  • Medical and Health
  • Non-profit
  • Professional Services
  • Shopping and Retail
  • Travel and Transportation
  • Restaurant
  • Other


Array of strings

URLs (including http:// or https://) associated with the business (e.g., website, Facebook Page, Instagram)
Maximum of 2 websites with a maximum of 256 characters each

If you need to update a couple of fields with new information, you can now make a request similar to the following, which changes only the address and email fields:

  POST /v1/settings/business/profile
    "address": "new-business-address",
    "email": "new-business-email"


A successful request returns the HTTP Status Code 200 OK and either null or {}.

If you encounter any errors, see Error and Status Messages.

Retrieve Business Profile Settings


GET /v1/settings/business/profile


A successful response includes the profile object containing the business profile data. The following example includes the new field values changed with the second POST request above.

For more description of the data, see the Parameters list above.

   "settings": {
     "business": {
        "profile": {
          "address": "new-business-address",
          "description": "business-description",
          "email": "new-business-email",
          "vertical": "business-industry",
          "websites": [ "website-1", "website-2" ]

An empty profile object will be returned if the the business profile is only partially populated. Please upgrade to v2.21.4 to resolve this issue.

If you encounter any errors, see Error and Status Messages.