Use the settings node to configure the WhatsApp Business API Client, your business profile, your profile, groups, your account, and to backup and restore data. Configurable settings include: application settings, profile settings, business profile settings, backup and restore, and two-factor verification.


The following edges are connected to this node:



Use to update, retrieve, or reset the application settings of the WhatsApp Business API client.


Use to update or retrieve your profile settings.


Use to configure the following business profile settings: business address, business description, email for business contact, business industry, and business website.

/backup and /restore

Use these to backup and restore information including app settings and registration.


Use two-factor verification to add an extra layer of security to the WhatsApp Business API Client.

Before You Start

You must use the admin account to access any settings.

API Calls

CallUsed ToReturns

PATCH /v1/settings/application

Update multiple application settings.

No application (payload) object.

GET /v1/settings/application

Get all application settings.

An application object containing the name and value of all configurable application settings.

DELETE /v1/settings/application

Reset all application settings.

No application (payload) object.

POST /v1/settings/business/profile

Update business profile.

No business profile (payload) object.

GET /v1/settings/business/profile

Get business profile settings.

Business profile object containing address, description, email, vertical, and websites.

PATCH /v1/settings/profile/about

Update text of business profile (about).

No profile about (payload) object.

GET /v1/settings/profile/about

Get text of profile about parameter.

Profile about object containing text content for Profile: About.

POST /v1/settings/profile/photo

Update profile photo.

No payload object.

GET /v1/settings/profile/photo

Get profile photo.

Binary image content.

POST /v1/settings/account/two-step

Enable two-factor verification.

No payload object.

DELETE /v1/settings/account/two-step

Disable two-factor verification.

No payload object.

POST /v1/settings/backup

Export or backup data.

A settings object containing encrypted backup data.

POST /v1/settings/restore

Import or restore data.

No payload object.