Use the settings node to configure the WhatsApp Business API Client, your business profile, your profile, groups, your account, and to backup and restore data.

Configurable settings include:

You must use the admin account to access any settings.

/v1/settings Endpoints


PATCH /v1/settings/application

Update multiple application settings

No application (payload) object

GET /v1/settings/application

Get all application settings

An application object containing the name and value of all configurable application settings

DELETE /v1/settings/application

Reset all application settings

No application (payload) object

POST /v1/settings/business/profile

Update business profile

No business profile (payload) object

GET /v1/settings/business/profile

Get business profile settings

Business profile object containing address, description, email, vertical, and websites

PATCH /v1/settings/profile/about

Update text of business profile (about)

No profile about (payload) object

GET /v1/settings/profile/about

Get text of profile about parameter

Profile about object containing text content for Profile: About

POST /v1/settings/profile/photo

Update profile photo

No payload object

GET /v1/settings/profile/photo

Get profile photo

Binary image content

POST /v1/settings/account/two-step

Enable two-factor verification

No payload object

DELETE /v1/settings/account/two-step

Disable two-factor verification

No payload object

POST /v1/settings/backup

Export or backup data

A settings object containing encrypted backup data

POST /v1/settings/restore

Import or restore data

No payload object