Use the settings node to configure the WhatsApp Business API Client, your business profile, your profile, groups, your account, and to backup and restore data. You can also use the WhatsApp Web Business Tool to configure some settings for the WhatsApp Business API Client and your WhatsApp Account.

Configurable settings include:

You must use the admin account to access any settings.

/v1/settings Endpoints


PATCH /v1/settings/application

Update multiple application settings

No application (payload) object

GET /v1/settings/application

Get all application settings

An application object containing the name and value of all configurable application settings

DELETE /v1/settings/application

Reset all application settings

No application (payload) object

POST /v1/settings/business/profile

Update business profile

No business profile (payload) object

GET /v1/settings/business/profile

Get business profile settings

Business profile object containing address, description, email, vertical, and websites

PATCH /v1/settings/profile/about

Update text of business profile (about)

No profile about (payload) object

GET /v1/settings/profile/about

Get text of profile about parameter

Profile about object containing text content for Profile: About

POST /v1/settings/profile/photo

Update profile photo

No payload object

GET /v1/settings/profile/photo

Get profile photo

Binary image content

POST /v1/settings/account/two-step

Enable two-factor verification

No payload object

DELETE /v1/settings/account/two-step

Disable two-factor verification

No payload object

POST /v1/settings/backup

Export or backup data

A settings object containing encrypted backup data

POST /v1/settings/restore

Import or restore data

No payload object

WhatsApp Web Business Tool

You are able to configure some settings using the WhatsApp Web Business Tool. To access the Web Business Tool, visit the URL and port of the Webapp.


The WhatsApp Web Business Tool is only supported for Chrome version 63.0.3239 and above.


If you have already logged into your WhatsApp Business API Client, use the credentials that were set with the initial login API call. Alternatively, you can use the default credentials specified in the Login and Authentication documentation to log in for the first time via the Web Business Tool and change your password at that time.

You must log into the WhatsApp Web Business Tool with the admin account to access all the settings.

Application Settings

The settings that you can configure in the Web Business Tool are Webhooks URL, Callback Backoff Delay, Max Callback Backoff Delay, Pass Through, Sent Status, and Callback Persist.

Application Settings

Business Settings

Select the "Business Account" tab to configure settings for your WhatsApp Account. The settings you can configure in the Web Business Tool are About, Profile Photo, Business Profile Address, Description, Category, Email, and Websites.

Business Account Settings can only be configured after successful registration of the WhatsApp Business API Client.

Business Settings