Quality Rate Limiting

Your quality rating and status are found in the WhatsApp Manager's Phone Numbers tab of your WhatsApp Account in the Business Manager.

Phone Numbers Tab

Quality rating: The quality rating shows how the messaging has been in a rolling window of the past 24 hours. We show it in three different states - Green, Yellow, Red.

Status: May have many statuses like disconnected, pending, etc. but two statuses related to quality are Warned and Rate Limited. Typically, the Connected status is shown when the phone number used to send messages is in good state.

  • Warned: When quality rating reaches a Red state, that number is moved to Warned status for the next 7 days. During this phase, this number can continue to send messages without any limit. If this number continues to maintain a good quality rating for the next 7 days, it returns to Connected status, otherwise it changes to the Rate Limited state.
  • Rate Limited: If the phone number is not maintaining good quality even after moving to the Warned state, it's moved to the Rate Limited state for another 7 days. During this phase, the rate limit for this number is set to 1000 per day. Error code 471 is returned when more than 1000 messages are sent in a day.

Please use the quality rating to recover from a Rate Limited or Warned state.

Good practices to maintain high quality:

  • Make sure messages are sent to the correct numbers.
  • Do not use any promotional content in messages.