Conversation-based pricing has changed. See Pricing to learn how our new conversation-based pricing model works.

In addition, visibility of metric_types have changed effective July 1, 2023. Please see the Conversation Analytics table for more details.

WhatsApp Business Platform

The WhatsApp Business Platform gives medium to large businesses the ability to connect with customers at scale. You can start WhatsApp conversations with your customers in minutes, send them care notifications or purchase updates, offer personalized services, and provide support in the channel that your customers prefer.

The platform consists of three primary APIs:

To send and receive messages to and from WhatsApp users, you must use either Cloud API or the On-Premises API. The preferred solution is Cloud API, due to its ease of implementation and low maintenance. Regardless of which API you end up using, you must also use the Business Management API, which is used to manage WhatsApp Business Account and message templates.

See our Cloud API vs. On-Premises API document to learn more about the differences between Cloud API and On-Premises API.

Documentation Contents


Learn about the WhatsApp Business Platform, its components, and how it can benefit your business.

Get Started

Learn how to use the APIs to perform basic queries.

Display Names

Learn about the requirements and options for the name displayed in your messages.

Phone Numbers

Learn how to add a phone number or migrate your phone number to your business account.


Learn about pricing, payments, and lines of credit for conversation.


Learn how to implement webhooks to get notifications about sending and receiving customer messages as well as business account information.

Terms & Policies

Learn about the terms and policies that you must comply with to use the platform.


Historical changes to the platform and APIs.

Best Practices

Learn best practices for using the WhatsApp Business Platform.


Learn how to troubleshoot common errors and contact support.

Platform APIs

WhatsApp Business Management API

Learn how to programmatically manage your WhatsApp Business Account assets.

Cloud API

Learn how to use the Cloud API to send and receive messages to and from customers.

On-Premises API

Learn how to use the WhatsApp On-Premises API to send and receive messages to and from customers.

Platform Features

WhatsApp Flows

Learn how to create rich and engaging experiences for customers with WhatsApp Flows.