Troubleshooting Live Videos

Due to the complex nature of live streaming, often times there may be issues along the way that prevent you from going live. Regardless of if you're live streaming through your page's Publisher Tools or with the Live API, below are some common issues that you may face and how to solve them:

Understanding Potential Live Video Issues

  1. Why doesn't my live video play on mobile web (i.e. Safari on an iPhone)?

    • Live video is not currently supported in mobile web. Once the live video is no longer live, the VOD (video on demand) will be able to be viewed in mobile web browsers.
  2. My live video is still showing up as 'is live' even though it ended awhile ago? What happened?

    • This occurs when the broadcast does not start sealing or processing after signaling the end of the live. Be sure you have either sent a POST request with the end_live_video parameter or clicked 'End Live' through the Publisher Tools UI. If this occurs again, please file a bug in our bug tool and be sure to include your video ID.
  3. What does this error code mean?

    • If you have received an error code from the Live API, be sure to check our list of error codes to best understand the issue.
  4. The audio on my Facebook Live video has either begun to skip and chatter or drop out completely. What's going on?

    • Audio distortion can occur when Facebook receives a video stream with distorted audio or after we've received the frames but before we re-encode for broadcast. A possible reason for this type of error is if the bitrate used is higher than the connection between your broadcasting endpoint and what Facebook servers can sustain. If that happens or if there's a packet lost, some of the video or audio track won't be received correctly and result in audio distortion.
  5. Why are the video and audio out of sync on my live video?

    • A/V sync issues may occur when a live broadcast is delivered with limited bandwidth to the client, or the client does not have the bandwidth to view it during live. Additionally, if the stream received by the Facebook server is out of sync, then the live video will also be out of sync. Be sure to check recording and encoding hardware for potential places in which the audio could be misaligned with the video.
  6. I'm trying steam video without audio. Why doesn't it work?

    • The Live API requires audio. It you attempt to stream video only, the stream ends.
  7. What happens if my live feed drops?

    • Your live feed may drop due to an encoder failure or poor network connectivity. If this happens, you have 2-3 minutes to reconnect to the original stream url that you generated for your live post. Otherwise, you will have to generate a new stream key and url to continue your live stream.

Troubleshooting Publisher Tools

Video Format:

  • We accept video in maximum 720p (1280x720) resolution at 30 frames per second, with 1 key frame every 2 seconds.
  • You must send an I-frame (keyframe) at least once every two seconds throughout the stream.
  • Recommended max bit rate is 4 Mbps. Going above this maximum is possible but will make live streams highly unstable.
  • Changing resolution midstream has negative impact on the broadcast.
  • Titles must be less than 255 characters otherwise the stream will fail.
  • The Live API accepts H264 encoded video and AAC encoded audio only.

Video Length:

  • 4 hour maximum length for live stream.
  • 4 hour maximum length for preview streams (either through Live dialog or publisher tools). After 240 minutes, a new stream key must be generated.
  • RTMP stream URLs will expire 24 hours after they are created.

Advanced Audio Settings:

  • Audio Sample Rate: 48 KHz
  • Audio Bitrate: 128 Kbps mono
  • Audio Codec: AAC

Advanced Video Settings:

  • Pixel Aspect Ratio: Square
  • Frame Types: Progressive Scan
  • Bitrate Encoding: CBR
  • Video Codec: H264

Playback of live content will only work if the input broadcast has both an audio and a video track.

When using the Publisher Tools UI, the Preview section of the pop-up may appear 'Offline' which prevents the 'Go Live' button from being clicked.

This may occur for the following reasons:

  1. Make sure you have a reliable internet connection
  2. Disable all ad blocking software or browser plugins that could prevent the video player from loading, or block the pop-up.
  3. Check your firewall settings and ensure RTMP is allowed
  4. If the server URL and Key are older than 24 hours, they will no longer be valid. Please create a new URL and key.

Missing or Deleted Live Videos

Has your live video gone missing? There are a few reasons why this may have happened, but below are a few of the most common reasons:

  1. If you have music playing in the background of your live video, your video may be taken down for copyright violation. This may happen either during the live video or after in VOD replay.
  2. You, or another author of your page, may have deleted the live video. If a live video has been manually deleted, it cannot be recovered.
  3. Your video may have been flagged automatically for IP violation. In the event that this occurs, Facebook will send you an email that contains a link for you to review the takedown and resubmit for review by our Policy team.

Reporting a Bug

If you believe you may have found a bug in the Live API, please file a bug report in our bug tool and an engineer will take a look at it shortly. You can also search for existing bugs by API error codes, SDK methods, and more.

Report a Bug