General Live Questions

  1. What is the Facebook Live API?
    • The Live API helps developers, publishers and people use professional cameras and broadcast equipment to bring high-quality and interactive video experiences to people through Facebook Live. Broadcasters can use their own hardware and software to create and encode Live video.
  2. What can I achieve by using the Live API?

    • Stream live content from external sources (even drones or video games)
    • Mix multiple video and audio sources
    • Include special effects like instant replays, on-screen graphics, live poll results, comment moderation, real time viewer engagement.
    • Please review the Platform Policy to understand ways the API should not be used.
  3. What is 'streaming software'? Is this something that Facebook provides?

    • Streaming software or RTMP Encoding Software takes your RTMP stream URL and key and sends it to Facebook. We do not provide a streaming software, however many live streams can use OBS (Open Broadcasting Software). The RTMP stream URL that is returned in the response can be broken out into URL and key, which can be put into OBS directly.

Live API

  1. I've read the documentation and this seems a little complicated. Do you have recommended 3rd party developers/solutions partners to help me get started?

    • Yes! Please check out our media solutions partners here.
  2. How long does it take to get set up?

    • You can begin using the Live API immediately, but if you want to create a full production quality stream with multiple cameras and graphics, it can take 1-2 weeks.
  3. How long does it take for the Live stream to populate on Facebook? How do I know when it's up?

    • There's about a 4-5 second delay from when you go live to when it shows up on Facebook. You'll know it's up when you see the video playing on your test (or public) page.
  4. I'm having trouble getting my live stream setup. Who can I reach out to for help?

  5. Can I go live to my page from the API and from the Facebook app simultaneously? How does/will this impact notifications?

    • Yes you can! The second stream will likely get fewer inferred notifications than the first. Please refer to our documentation for more information on how live notifications work.
  6. If I want to stream to two different pages, do I need two separate encoders?

    • Not necessarily. If you want to stream to two (or more) different pages, there are certain encoders and APIs available through Wowza and Streamshark that can make this possible. While it is possible to stream to different pages from one encoder, we recommend sharing the stream between the different pages instead.
  7. How do I change the aspect ratio for streaming?

    • Our default aspect ratio is 16x9, though we infer the aspect ratio from the stream. For more technical specs, please review this documentation.
  8. Is it possible to embed a live video? How?

    • You can now embed live videos using the embeddable parameter through the Live API. When you create a live video through our Publisher Tools UI, they are embeddable by default. However, you can go into the Advanced settings and prohibit embedding.

You can also click on the wheel to get the embed HTML.

Live on Mobile

  1. I am trying to watch a live video on mobile web, but it's not showing up? Is this a bug?
    • No, this is the expected behavior as we do not currently support watching live videos on mobile web until they are VODs (Videos On Demand). However, if you want to watch a live video on mobile web that has been embedded into another site, it will be redirected to the Facebook app to watch.


  1. Can I geo-gate my live videos?

  2. Is there a way to go Live worldwide and only block a few countries?

    • Yes, you can limit the audience for Lives by country when broadcasting from a page via the Live API. With the Graph API, you can exclude countries directly using the excluded_countries value on the targeting parameter. However, if you are using Publisher Tools or the "Go Live Dialog" integrations, you will need to include the countries you want. More information on targeting for live can be found here.
  1. My live video got removed due to a copyrights violation. Can this be restored?
    • Yes, videos taken down for copyright violation can be restored. You should receive a notification that gives you the option to "restore" the video. However, if you do not take this action, then the video can no longer be restored.


  1. Can live videos be boosted?

    • Unfortunately live videos cannot be boosted at this time.
  2. Can I add closed captions to my live video?

    • Currently, closed captions can only be added to VODs, but not to live streams as they are streaming. Please check out our reference documentation on video captions to learn how to add them to your live videos after they've completed streaming.
  3. Can I add third-party ads to my live stream?

    • It is against Facebook's live video policy to include third-party ads in live streams. For example, please do not include bumpers, pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll.
  4. Can I simulcast?

    • You cannot simulcast Facebook lives to any third-party sites. The only exception is if you are an owner of a website and are broadcasting to your Facebook page and would like to broadcast to your own first-party site. For example, if you are a sports team and want to stream to Facebook and to your athletics page, that is an acceptable instance of simulcasting. Please review our Live Video policies to ensure your streams are in compliance.
  5. Can I add pre-recorded video into a live post?

    • We encourage all live broadcasts to exclusively contain live content so as to preserve the integrity of a viewer's experience. However, there are unique cases in which cutting to a pre-recorded clip makes sense, similar to how a news show might show previously recorded content on live TV. Please refer to our documentation on Streaming Best Practices.
  6. Is it possible to broadcast the same stream on multiple pages at one time?

    • We recommend streaming to one page and sharing to other pages so the comments, reactions and viewer counts are consolidated (which makes a better interactive experience for people and for broadcasters). However, if sharing doesn't meet your need, you will need to set up a separate stream for each page (using the same video source). You can set up multiple encoders or use a video CDN that makes it easy to generate multiple rtmp streams.

Live Map

  1. Why am I not showing up on the live map?

    • Only live videos that have tagged a location will appear on the Live Map.
  2. How do I get added to the left sidebar?

    • Live videos are sorted by the current viewer count. Any page which is verified and has more than 500 fan/followers count is eligible to be featured.