ThreatExchange UI Tags Tab

The tags tab allows you to interact with the tags on threat descriptors.

You create the tag by adding tag text and descriptions. Note: You can have multiple tags of the same tag text. You can either use the default settings or select your own status, review status, confidence, severity, share level, visibility, expire time, first active time, and last active time, privacy groups (if applicable), and whitelists (if applicable). Hover over the dropdowns for extra information provided about the options. The source, owner app id and owner app name is autogenerated for you. Select the OK button at the bottom of the popup to create the tag or CANCEL to exit the flow without creating a new tag. An example of this popup is shown below.

You can view tags by searching for the exact text, a substring of the text, or by ID. To search for these select the type from the "by exact text" dropdown, type the phrase in the textbox next to the dropdown, and click search or press the enter key.

If you have permissions, you can edit tags by selecting the edit button in the first column of the tag search results. Clicking the edit button will allow you to change all fields that you have access to during a tag create. Click the OK button at the bottom to save results or the CANCEL button to discard any changes you have made to the popup.

For tags you cannot edit, the view button will appear in the first column of the table. Clicking the VIEW button provides additional information about the selected tag.