Graph API Version


This API call enables the creation of a ThreatPrivacyGroup via an HTTP POST request. Privacy groups can be used to protect uploaded data. This feature is only available in versions 2.4+ of the Graph API.


The following query parameters are available (bold parameters are required):

  • access_token - The key for authenticating to the API. It is a concatenation of <your-app-id>|<your-app-secret>. For example, if our app ID was 555 and our app secret aSdF123GhK, our access_token would be "555|aSdF123GhK".
  • name - The name of the threat privacy group.
  • description - A human readable description of the group.
  • members - A list of ThreatExchangeMembers to be added to the group. Can be modified later.
  • members_can_see - If true, group members can view this group, including its name, description, and list of members. Defaults to FALSE.
  • members_can_use - If true, members are allowed to use this group to protect their own threat data. Defaults to FALSE.

Sample Usage

To create a privacy group, one could POST to:|asdF123

Data returned:

  "id": "123456789101112"