Graph API Version


Returns a list of the ThreatPrivacyGroups of which your app is a member.


The following query parameter is required:

  • access_token - The key for authenticating to the API. It is a concatenation of <your-app-id>|<your-app-secret>. For example, if our app ID was 555 and our app secret aSdF123GhK, our access_token would be "555|aSdF123GhK".

The following query parameters are optional:

  • name - Allows filtering by privacy group name
  • description - Allows filtering by privacy group description

Example query:<your-app-id>/threat_privacy_groups_member?access_token=555|aSdF123GhK

Data returned:

  "data": [
      "name": "MYNAMEISBOB",
      "description": "MALWARESIGNATURES",
      "group_id": "7777777777"