Getting Access

Applying to ThreatExchange

Before using Threat Exchange, you will need to have a business verified Facebook app.

  • To create a new Facebook app, follow the instructions here.
  • To get business verified, follow the instructions here

Terms of Use

Please see the Terms and Conditions—depending on your company, you may wish to obtain sign off from your company's legal team.

Add the ThreatExchange Product

Start the Submission

Fill Out App Settings


  • ThreatExchange uses the app-ID framework but there is no installable app per se.
  • Enter in URLs appropriate for your organization, and any company logo for the "app icon".
  • For "platform", simply use "website" and your company's URL.
  • Business verification can take some amount of time to get through. Please contact us at with any issues.

Fill Out Your Use Case

Make the App Public

If you haven't already done so, check that you have changed the app's status to "Live".

Submit for Review


  • If you get a message about needing to upload an Android or iOS version of your app (ThreatExchange does not use installable apps), please go back to Settings -> Basic and make sure that for "platform", you have used "website" with your company's URL.

Once Review Is Complete

The name ThreatExchange appears with a green checkmark, and you see the subproducts "Descriptors", "Tags", and so on, in addition to "App Review" which you had seen up until now.

Do a power-search for tag "testing"—you should see results.

Welcome to ThreatExchange!

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