Frequently Asked Questions

We want content owners to have the ability to edit the content of their link posts. We also want to protect the integrity of your content to make sure it isn't being misrepresented. In early Q1 2018, we will only allow verified domain owners to edit their link posts, so it is important to verify your domains if you want to retain this ability.
No, domain verification in Business Manager provides two entirely new and separate methods for domain verification and are now the preferred methods to verify domain ownership. However, you still have the option to add Open Graph tags to your website to indicate ownership—this does not require the use of Business Manager. The Open Graph - Object Properties documentation contains more information about implementing the fb:pages tag.

We've added the ability to share your domain with a partner Business Manager.

  1. Verify your domain using one of the two provided methods: DNS Verification or the HTML File Upload.
  2. Select the verified domain you wish to add a partner to, and click the Assign Partner button.
  3. Select Domain Admin from the Role drop-down field.
  4. Enable sharing by either giving your partner a link or entering your partner's Business Manager ID.
    • Share the provided link with your Business Manager partner.
      Each link can only be used once and will expire after 30 days, if not used. Your Business Manager partner will be able to complete the domain sharing by clicking on the link and assigning their Business Manager to the shared domain.
    • Connect your domain using your partner's Business Manager ID.

      After clicking the Assign Partner button, click on the Connect your domain using your partner's business ID instead link at the bottom of the pop-up dialog. Enter your partner's ID, and click Connect to enable sharing.

No, domain verification status is inherited by subdomains. For example, verifying "" will also verify "". You will need to complete a separate verification process for different top level domains. For example, verifying "" will not also verify "".
You only need to verify the final URL. For example, if you post a link to "" that redirects to "", we only check if you have permission to edit on "".