We have deprecated the ability to share 3D objects. Sharing 3D photos is still supported.

Open Graph Sharing

Open Graph Sharing allows you to easily enable sharing of 3D assets hosted on your servers. It works by reading <meta> tags that you add to any web pages that host your 3D assets. When a User shares a link to one of these pages, we'll identify and scrape the 3D asset, validate it against our asset requirements, generate a preview, then create the Post. We'll also cache the generated preview for subsequent shares for faster previewing.

Enabling Open Graph Sharing

To enable Open Graph Sharing, add the following metadata properties to your web page's header:

  • og:type — Your 3D asset's type. Set this to threed.asset.
  • og:asset — Your 3D asset's URL. Can be absolute or relative.
  • og:title — (optional) Your 3D asset's title. If you do not add this, we will use the web page's <title> instead.

For example:

  <meta property="og:type" content="threed.asset" /> 
  <meta property="og:asset" content="/3dassets/beast.glb" />
  <meta property="og:title" content="3D Beast" />

Here's a sample web page with these metadata tags in place.

Force Scraping

You can force us to scrape the page that hosts your asset before anyone shares it. This is useful if you want the asset preview to load quickly the first time it's shared, or if you've recently added the <meta> tag properties above to an asset page that has been shared in the past.

To force us to scrape the page, send a POST request to the Graph API host URL and pass us the page's URL, or the ID of a previously scraped page:

POST https://graph.facebook.com

Sample Request

curl -i -X POST \
 -d "id=https%3A%2F%2Fderrickmar.github.io%2Findex.html" \
 -d "scrape=true" \
 -d "access_token=your-token-here" \

Sample Response

  "url": "https://derrickmar.github.io/index.html",
  "type": "website",
  "title": "3D Beast",
  "updated_time": "2018-01-17T21:12:05+0000",
  "id": "1467926999984965"


Asset Errors

Currently we do not raise any errors upon Open Graph sharing failure, but you can user 3D Model Validation tool to get useful feedback about your 3D assets.

Updating Published Assets

If you want to share a new version of your 3D asset, make sure you use a new file name for the new version. Open Graph uses file names to generate object IDs, so if you update your asset without changing its file name, Open Graph will continue using the old asset.