Facebook SDK v5 for PHP

The Facebook SDK for PHP is a library with powerful features that enable PHP developers to easily integrate Facebook login and make requests to the Graph API. It also plays well with the Facebook SDK for JavaScript to give the front-end user the best possible user experience. But it doesn't end there, the Facebook SDK for PHP makes it easy to upload photos and videos and send batch requests to the Graph API among other things. And SDK for PHP has many extensibility points giving PHP developers full control of how the SDK for PHP interacts with their specific hosting environment and web framework.

Whether you're developing a website with Facebook login, creating a Facebook Canvas app or Page tab, the Facebook SDK for PHP does all the heavy lifting for you making it as easy as possible to deeply integrate into the Facebook platform.

For installation & implementation instructions, look through the Getting Started with the Facebook SDK for PHP guide, and then check out some of the examples below.

API Reference

For a full list of classes, see the API reference page.

PHP SDK on Github

The Facebook SDK for PHP is an open source project hosted on Github. You can get the latest version of the SDK or contribute to it via Github:

PHP SDK on Github