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Defines a type that can process Facebook NSErrors with best practices.


Facebook NSErrors can contain FBSDKErrorRecoveryAttempting instances to recover from errors, or localized messages to present to the user. This class will process the instances as follows:

  1. If the error is temporary as indicated by FBSDKGraphRequestErrorCategoryKey, assume the recovery succeeded and notify the delegate.
  2. If a FBSDKErrorRecoveryAttempting instance is available, display an alert (dispatched to main thread) with the recovery options and call the instance's [ attemptRecoveryFromError:optionIndex:...].
  3. If a FBSDKErrorRecoveryAttempting is not available, check the userInfo for FBSDKLocalizedErrorDescriptionKey and present that in an alert (dispatched to main thread).

By default, FBSDKGraphRequests use this type to process errors and retry the request upon a successful recovery.

Note that Facebook recovery attempters can present UI or even cause app switches (such as to login). Any such work is dispatched to the main thread (therefore your request handlers may then run on the main thread).

Login recovery requires FBSDKLoginKit. Login will use FBSDKLoginBehaviorNative and will prompt the user for all permissions last granted. If any are declined on the new request, the recovery is not successful but the [FBSDKAccessToken currentAccessToken] might still have been updated. .

Inherits from:NSObject
Declared in:FBSDKGraphErrorRecoveryProcessor.h

Gets the delegate. Note this is a strong reference, and is nil'ed out after recovery is complete.

@property (nonatomic, strong, readonly) id<FBSDKGraphErrorRecoveryProcessorDelegate>delegate;
Instance Methods

The callback for FBSDKErrorRecoveryAttempting


If the recovery succeeded



- (void)
didPresentErrorWithRecovery: (BOOL)didRecover
contextInfo: (void*)contextInfo;

Attempts to process the error, return YES if the error can be processed.


The error to process.


The relateed request that may be reissued.


The delegate that will be retained until recovery is complete.

- (BOOL)
processError: (NSError *)error
request: (FBSDKGraphRequest *)request
delegate: (id<FBSDKGraphErrorRecoveryProcessorDelegate>)delegate;