This class is no longer available in the most recent version of the SDK.
A more recent version of this class is available. Check out the latest version.

Represents a tooltip to be displayed next to a Facebook login button to highlight features for new users.


The FBLoginView may display this view automatically. If you do not use the FBLoginView, you can manually call one of the present* methods as appropriate and customize behavior via FBLoginTooltipViewDelegate delegate.

By default, the FBLoginTooltipView is not added to the superview until it is determined the app has migrated to the new login experience. You can override this (e.g., to test the UI layout) by implementing the delegate or setting forceDisplay to YES.

Inherits from:FBTooltipView
Declared in:FBLoginTooltipView.h

The delegate

@property (nonatomic, assign) id<FBLoginTooltipViewDelegate> delegate;

If set to YES, the view will always be displayed and the delegate's loginTooltipView:shouldAppear: will NOT be called.

@property (nonatomic, assign) BOOL forceDisplay;