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  • java.lang.Object
    • com.facebook.ShareGraphRequest

public class ShareGraphRequest
extends java.lang.Object
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static GraphRequestcreateOpenGraphObject(ShareOpenGraphObject openGraphObject)
Create an User Owned Open Graph object
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Constructor Detail


public ShareGraphRequest()
Method Detail


public static GraphRequest createOpenGraphObject(ShareOpenGraphObject openGraphObject)
                                          throws FacebookException
Create an User Owned Open Graph object
Use this method to create an open graph object, which can then be posted utilizing the same GraphRequest methods as other GraphRequests.
openGraphObject - The open graph object to create. Only SharePhotos with the imageUrl set are accepted through this helper method.
GraphRequest for creating the given openGraphObject
FacebookException - thrown in the case of a JSONException or in the case of invalid format for SharePhoto (missing imageUrl)