Android SDK Version
FacebookButtonBaseA base class for a facebook button.
FacebookAuthorizationExceptionAn Exception indicating that Login failed.
FacebookSdkThis class allows some customization of Facebook SDK behavior.
FacebookDialogExceptionRepresents an error condition relating to displaying a Facebook Web dialog.
AccessTokenTrackerThis class can be extended to receive notifications of access token changes.
FacebookActivityThis Activity is a necessary part of the overall Facebook SDK, but is not meant to be used directly.
AccessTokenThis class represents an immutable access token for using Facebook APIs.
CurrentAccessTokenExpirationBroadcastReceiverThis class is notified when the current AccessToken has expired.
FacebookBroadcastReceiverThis class implements a simple BroadcastReceiver designed to listen for broadcast notifications from the Facebook app.
FacebookContentProviderImplements a [
  • ContentProvider]( that can be used to provide binary attachments (e.g., images) to calls made via com.facebook.FacebookDialog.
Note that this ContentProvider is only necessary if an application wishes to attach images, etc., that are stored in memory and do not have another way to be referenced by a content URI.
FacebookExceptionRepresents an error condition specific to the Facebook SDK for Android.
FacebookGraphResponseExceptionRepresents an issue that's returned by the Graph API.
FacebookOperationCanceledExceptionAn Exception indicating that an operation was canceled before it completed.
FacebookRequestErrorThis class represents an error that occurred during a Facebook request.
FacebookSdkNotInitializedExceptionAn Exception indicating that the Facebook SDK has not been correctly initialized.
FacebookServiceExceptionRepresents an error returned from the Facebook service in response to a request.
GraphRequestA single request to be sent to the Facebook Platform through the Graph API.
GraphRequestAsyncTaskDefines an AsyncTask suitable for executing a Request in the background.
GraphRequestBatchRequestBatch contains a list of Request objects that can be sent to Facebook in a single round-trip.
GraphResponseEncapsulates the response, successful or otherwise, of a call to the Facebook platform.
ProfileThis class represents a basic Facebook profile.
ProfileTrackerThis class can be extended to receive notifications of profile changes.
FacebookDialogRepresents dialogs provided by Facebook
LoginStatusCallbackA callback class for getting the Login Status of a user.
FacebookCallbackA callback class for the Facebook SDK.
InitializeCallbackCallback passed to the sdkInitialize function.
GraphRequestCreatorAbstraction for better testability.
AccessTokenCreationCallbackA callback for creating an access token from a NativeLinkingIntent
CallbackManagerThe CallbackManager manages the callbacks into the FacebookSdk from an Activity's or Fragment's onActivityResult() method.
CallbackSpecifies the interface that consumers of the Request class can implement in order to be notified when a particular request completes, either successfully or with an error.
OnProgressCallbackSpecifies the interface that consumers of the Request class can implement in order to be notified when a progress is made on a particular request.
GraphJSONArrayCallbackCallback for requests that result in an array of JSONObjects.
GraphJSONObjectCallbackCallback for requests that result in a JSONObject.
CallbackSpecifies the interface that consumers of the RequestBatch class can implement in order to be notified when the entire batch completes execution.
OnProgressCallbackSpecifies the interface that consumers of the RequestBatch class can implement in order to be notified when the batch makes progress.
AccessTokenSourceIndicates where a Facebook access token was obtained from.
CategoryAn enum that represents the Facebook SDK classification for the error that occurred.
PagingDirectionIndicates whether paging is being done forward or backward.
HttpMethodEnumeration of HTTP methods supported by Request
LoggingBehaviorSpecifies different categories of logging messages that can be generated.