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Implements a

ContentProvider that can be used to provide binary attachments (e.g., images) to calls made via FacebookDialog.

Note that this ContentProvider is only necessary if an application wishes to attach images, etc., that are stored in memory and do not have another way to be referenced by a content URI. For images obtained from, e.g., the Camera or Gallery, that already have a content URI associated with them, use of this class is not necessary.

If an application wishes to attach images that are stored in-memory within the application, this content provider must be listed in the application's AndroidManifest.xml, and it should be named according to the pattern "com.facebook.app.FacebookContentProvider{FACEBOOK_APP_ID}". See the getContentProviderName.getAttachmentUrl method.

public FacebookContentProvider()
Class Methods
getAttachmentUrl(String, UUID, String)

Returns the name of the content provider formatted correctly for constructing URLs.

public static String getAttachmentUrl(String applicationId, UUID callId, String attachmentName)
applicationIdThe Facebook application ID of the application
The String to use as the authority portion of a content URI.