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This class represents an access token returned by the Facebook Login service, along with associated metadata such as its expiration date and permissions. In general, the Session class will abstract away the need to worry about the details of an access token, but there are situations (such as handling native links, importing previously-obtained access tokens, etc.) where it is useful to deal with access tokens directly. Factory methods are provided to construct access tokens.

For more information on access tokens, see Access Tokens.

Class Methods
createFromExistingAccessToken(String, Date, Date, AccessTokenSource, List)

Creates a new AccessToken using the supplied information from a previously-obtained access token (for instance, from an already-cached access token obtained prior to integration with the Facebook SDK).

public static AccessToken createFromExistingAccessToken(String accessToken, Date expirationTime, Date lastRefreshTime, AccessTokenSource accessTokenSource, List permissions)
accessTokenThe access token string obtained from Facebook
expirationTimeThe expiration date associated with the token; if null, an infinite expiration time is assumed (but will become correct when the token is refreshed)
lastRefreshTimeThe last time the token was refreshed (or when it was first obtained); if null, the current time is used.
accessTokenSourceAn enum indicating how the token was originally obtained (in most cases, this will be either AccessTokenSource.FACEBOOK_APPLICATION or AccessTokenSource.WEB_VIEW); if null, FACEBOOK_APPLICATION is assumed.
permissionsThe permissions that were requested when the token was obtained (or when it was last reauthorized); may be null if permission set is unknown
A new AccessToken

Creates a new AccessToken using the information contained in an Intent populated by the Facebook application in order to launch a native link. For more information on native linking, please see

public static AccessToken createFromNativeLinkingIntent(Intent intent)
intentThe Intent that was used to start an Activity; must not be null
A new AccessToken, or null if the Intent did not contain enough data to create one
Instance Methods

Gets the string representing the access token.

public String getToken()
The string representing the access token

Gets the date at which the access token expires.

public Date getExpires()
The expiration date of the token

Gets the list of permissions associated with this access token. Note that the most up-to-date list of permissions is maintained by the Facebook service, so this list may be outdated if permissions have been added or removed since the time the AccessToken object was created. For more information on permissions, see

public List getPermissions()
A read-only list of strings representing the permissions granted via this access token

Gets the AccessTokenSource indicating how this access token was obtained.

public AccessTokenSource getSource()
The enum indicating how the access token was obtained

Gets the date at which the token was last refreshed. Since tokens expire, the Facebook SDK will attempt to renew them periodically.

public Date getLastRefresh()
The date at which this token was last refreshed