This class is no longer available in the most recent version of the SDK.
A more recent version of this class is available. Check out the latest version.

GraphObjectList is the primary representation of a collection of graph objects in the Facebook SDK for Android. It is not implemented by any concrete classes, but rather by a proxy (see the Factory class). A GraphObjectList can actually contain elements of any type, not just graph objects, but its principal use in the SDK is to contain types derived from GraphObject.

Instance Methods

If T is derived from GraphObject, returns a new GraphObjectList exposing the same underlying data as a new GraphObject-derived type.

public GraphObjectList castToListOf(Class graphObjectClass)
graphObjectClassThe GraphObject-derived type to return a list of
A list representing the same underlying data, exposed as the new GraphObject-derived type

Gets the underlying JSONArray representation of the data.

public JSONArray getInnerJSONArray()
The underlying JSONArray representation of the data