This class is no longer available in the most recent version of the SDK.
A more recent version of this class is available. Check out the latest version.

Use this annotation setters in an interface that derives from GraphObject, if you wish to provide a setter that takes a primitive data type (e.g., String) or a List of primitive data types, but actually populates its underlying property with a new GraphObject with a property equal to the specified value (or a List of such GraphObjects). This is useful for providing "helper" setters to avoid requiring callers to instantiate a GraphObject just to set a single property on it (e.g., 'url' or 'id').

The String value provided to this annotation should be the name of the property that will be populated on the newly-created GraphObject using the value that was passed to the setter.

This annotation has no effect if applied to a getter.

Instance Methods
public String value()