The Profile Expression Kit was deprecated on September 30th, 2018.

Profile Expression Kit

The Profile Expression Kit lets people use your app to create profile pictures and videos. In just a few taps, people can add their profile picture or video directly to Facebook. Your app will be attributed in News Feed every time someone uploads a picture or video.

Only video and image MIME type media are compatible with the Profile Expression Kit.

Common Usage

Let people add videos they make in your app directly into the Facebook profile video flow.

Let people add pictures they create in your app to the profile picture flow on Facebook.

Get Started

Review the technical documentation to get your app integrated with the Profile Expression Kit. When you're ready to submit your app for review, go to your Dashboard, select App Review, add the Profile Expression Kit and complete the notes. As part of the review submission, you'll need to include a video of your end-to-end app integration and a description of how your app works.

Important: Please ensure your app follows Facebook Platform Terms and Developer Policies Your app must be approved before the integration will work.

Technical Documentation