FBSDKPlacesKit will not work as of GraphAPI v6.0. This is due to the deprecation of the endpoints: GET /{place-information-id} and GET /search?type=place.

Places Graph SDK for iOS

The Places Kit provides iOS developers with an easy way to generate Graph API requests for the Places Graph. The Places Graph functionality includes:

  • Searching for places
  • Estimating the current place where the device is located
  • Fetching information on a specified place
  • Providing feedback about the accuracy of the current place estimation
  • A sample app

The Places Kit abstracts-away most of the work of constructing these requests by handling location querying, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scanning, as well as structuring the query parameters.

To utilize Places Kit features, you must configure your app to use Location Services, and you must also ensure that the user has enabled location services on their device.

To set up the Places Kit in your iOS app, follow these steps:

1. Prerequisites

2. Configure your iOS Project

For an example project that illustrates how to integrate the Places Graph, see Places Graph Code Sample for iOS.

For common issues encountered during integration, see the Places Graph FAQ.

1. Prerequisites

Before you begin integrating the Places Kit into your app, make sure you have completed the following prerequisites.

A. Create a Developer Account

If you don't have a Facebook developer account, create one by clicking the button below. Your Facebook developer account gives you access to developer tools, and allows you to create Facebook apps.

Already have a Facebook developer account? Then skip to the next step.

Create Developer Account

B. Get a Facebook App ID

The Places Graph SDK for iOS requires a Facebook app ID. Follow the steps in the Getting Started, or to use Quick Start, click the button below.

Create a New App ID

C. Choose Your App Settings

Choose security settings for your app. For more information on choosing your acesss token setting, see Places Graph Access.

Choose Your App Settings

D. Download the Facebook SDK for iOS

Download the latest Facebook SDK for iOS and use it to integrate your app with the Places Graph.

Download the iOS SDK

2. Configure your iOS Project

Add the Facebook App ID and the Facebook Client Token to info.plist

Add both your Facebook App ID and Client Token to your Info.plist file as strings.

<plist version="1.0">