This document refers to a feature that was added in PHP SDK v1.0.
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The URL detection interface for the Facebook SDK for PHP

The URL detection interface allows you to overwrite the default URL detection logic by coding to the Facebook\Url\UrlDetectionInterface.


If you're using a web framework that handles routes and URL generation for you, you might want to code a custom URL detection handler to ensure that your URL's are being generated consistently.

For example if you are using Laravel, a custom handler might look like this:

use Facebook\Url\UrlDetectionInterface;

class MyLaravelUrlDetectionHandler implements UrlDetectionInterface
   * @inheritdoc
  public function getCurrentUrl()
    return \Request::url();

To enable your custom URL detection implementation in the SDK, you can set an instance of the handler to the url_detection_handler config of the Facebook\Facebook super service.

$fb = new Facebook\Facebook([
  // . . .
  'url_detection_handler' => new MyLaravelUrlDetectionHandler(),
  // . . .

Alternatively, if you're working with the Facebook\Helpers\FacebookRedirectLoginHelper directly, you can inject your custom handler via the constructor.

use Facebook\Helpers\FacebookRedirectLoginHelper;

$myUrlDetectionHandler = new MyLaravelUrlDetectionHandler();
$helper = new FacebookRedirectLoginHelper($fbApp, null, $myUrlDetectionHandler);

Method Reference


public string getCurrentUrl()

Returns the full and currently active URL.