Developer Partner FAQ

Frequently asked questions regarding policy violations and App Review.

Please visit our Best Practice guide, and our Facebook Login Button UX guide for tips on how you can best implement Facebook Login in your app.

Please visit our App Review for Login examples page for useful submission tips and tricks, and Please visit our Sample App Review Submission page for example screen recordings. You can also watch our introduction to App Review video.

Please visit our Screencasts page for an overview of how to submit a screencast to support your App Review.

Please see our Permissions Reference guide for reference on acceptable usage scenario. You can also find information for the Instagram Basic Display API at Instagram Platform Permissions, as well as the Marketing API for Ads Management Standard Access at Marketing API Access and Authentication.

Refer to our test apps document to learn how to create a test app.

Please visit our Server-to-Server Apps document.

Note: Server-to-server apps are used when your app has no user interface as it exchanges data directly with our APIs. As such, these apps are only approved for business-facing data permissions (i.e. ads_management), never with user permissions. For a sample submission see Sample App Review Submission for Server-to-Server Apps.

Please visit our App Review Rejection Results Guide for tips on how to have a successful App Review.

Before submitting an appeal, please make sure to read through the App Review Rejection Results Guide as well as the Enforcement FAQ to ensure that any violations are fixed before you resubmit your app for review.

Once fixed, you can appeal the decision using the Developer Appeals form.

If you are violating any policies, Facebook will send you a Dev Alert by email, notifying you which of our platform policies are being violated. You can also see all of the dev alerts and violations in your developer dashboard under the Alerts tab on the left for your app.

You can check what version of the Graph API you are using in your Development Dashboard, under the Advanced Settings tab. The Platform Versioning guide explains how versions affect SDKs and APIs and how to use those versions in your requests.

You can check what version of the iOS, Android or JS SDK you are using in your Development Dashboard, under the Advanced Settings tab for your app. Please visit the following for the iOS SDK changelog, and Android SDK changelog.

If you or your business have lost access to your app, you can fill out this form and we will do our best to assist. Note: You must be logged in to Facebook to view the form.