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As mobile shopping continues to grow, Facebook is one of the easiest places for businesses to build a mobile-friendly storefront where their customers already spend their time.

The Shop section on a business's Facebook Page allows them to display and sell their products right on Facebook.

With a Shop section, businesses can:

  • Enjoy a mobile-friendly design - The Shop section has been designed with mobile users in mind, making it easy for people to browse products wherever they are.
  • Feature products - Businesses can prominently showcase products on their Page and include all the relevant details like product name, price and description.
  • Drive product discovery in Page posts - Businesses can tag products featured in their photos or videos and seamlessly link people from their Facebook posts to the product.

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Currently, businesses can create a Shop section on a Page via self-serve Page publishing tools or through select third party eCommerce platforms like Shopify. We're now expanding our alpha test to additional third party eCommerce platforms. Through this API, platforms can offer their merchants the ability to sell products right on their Facebook Page via the same tools they are using to manage their eCommerce business.

If you're interested in allowing businesses on your platform to showcase and sell products right from their Facebook Pages, complete our application linked below.

Please note, this is a limited alpha so only select partners will be eligible for access to the API and we will only follow up with those selected.

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