Facebook Jobs XML Feed


The Jobs XML Feed enables developers to create job posts and receive applications from Facebook users. Employers can reach diverse and qualified candidates while staying connected to the systems they already use. The full integration flow looks something like this:

1. Generate your XML Feed

The first step to integrating with Facebook is to build an XML speed to our specifications. Sample feeds and requirements can be found in the Getting Started section of this documentation.

2. Receive Jobs API Permissions

In order for Facebook to start ingesting your jobs, we must grant you the necessary permissions in order to continue work on the integration. Speak with your Facebook contact to understand your permissioning status.

3. Register Your Recruiting Manager and Job Feeds

Once you have received Jobs API permisisons, you will be able to start distributing the jobs in your XML feed on Facebook. In order to do this, you must register a recruiting manager, representing your organization, and a job feed, representing your XML file. Find full details on this here. Once your feed and recruiting manager is registered, we will continually update your job openings at whatever frequency you specify during the registration.

4. Wait for Jobs Review

All jobs go through our integrity review process, checking for discrimination, scam behavior, and any other restrictions put in place to protect Facebook users. All jobs must comply with our guidelines as defined in Facebook Platform Policy, Jobs terms (section 23) and Facebook Pages Guidelines, Jobs on Pages (section F). If they do not comply, they will not be successfully posted on our platform. Any jobs you modify or add to your XML feed must also go through this review process.

5. Job is Live on Facebook!

If your job passes integrity review, and other errors are not found, it will now be live on Facebook! It can be found by users within the jobs browser and the news feed.

6. Job is Live and Matched to a Facebook Page

If you provide us a Facebook URL corresponding to the job in your XML feed, or provide us sufficient company information for our page matching algorithms to guess at the correct Facebook page, we will also attempt to associate your jobs with a business's Facebook page. The Facebook page's page administrator will be presented with a request to match your jobs, and if they accept, your jobs will begin to be distributed on that Facebook page, receive that page's branding, and gain extra traffic from fans of that page.

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