Getting Started

The Jobs API allows developers to create and manage job postings on behalf of Pages, requiring no action from the Page owners.

Create App ID

To start using Jobs API, you'll need to

create an App ID.

If you already have one, you can skip this step.

Get Access Token

Before calling the Jobs API, a third party app or website needs permission from the owner's page to manage (


) and publish (


) content on the owner's Page.

Page token is required to create jobs. A


can be accessed by a user_token with



Acquire your access token's by visiting our

access token documentation.

Call the API

With your access token, you can start making calls to the Jobs API. To begin, you may need to use our

Graph API

to get all Pages managed by your client.

To try this, see our

Graph API Explorer.

Now you are ready to create and manage

Job Posts

and view

Job Applications.

If you haven't been granted access to this API, please contact