Guides to help you perform common actions with the Pages API.

Get a Page Access Token

Learn how to get a Page access tokens.

Publish Page Content

Learn how to publish a post, comment on a post, and send a message as a Page.

Page-Scoped User IDs

Learn how to get Page-scoped User IDs from App-scoped User IDs.

Manage a Page

Learn how to manage Page information.

Manage a Page About Story

Learn how to get, create, update, and delete Page About Story data on behalf of Page admins.

Manage Tabs for a Page

Learn how to add a tab to your Page. For select Pages only.

Search for Pages

Learn how to find Pages to @Mention, manage Page locations, and tag a Page to show branded content.

Get Insights for a Page

Learn how to get data about your Page such as number of fans, reactions to a post, or video impressions.

Manage Webhooks for a Page

Learn how to get real-time notifications when a user comments on a Page post or reacts your Page post.

Upcoming Page Changes

Get notifications to view and accept or reject changes suggested by Facebook to fix possible errors on your Facebook Page.

Business Login

Learn how Business Login allows you to log with business permissions, and allow business users to integrate their Facebook pages.

Developer Tools for Pages

Learn how to enhance call-to-action buttons build new experiences on a Page. For select Pages only.