Business Login FAQ

Business Login has two aspects, depending on role:

  • Developer: Facebook Login with business permissions
  • Business users: Facebook Login for businesses to integrate their Facebook pages with developers

Business Login has a different UI flow than traditional Facebook Login for granting access to pages and business permissions. It surfaces permissions and pages to give users visibility into what they are sharing with developers.

The entry and exit points of the new Business Login do not differ from the existing login.

Currently, the request needs to contain at least one permission from List A, and cannot contain any from List B.

  • List A:
    • ads_read
    • ads_management
    • manage_pages
    • pages_manage_cta
    • pages_manage_instant_articles
    • pages_messaging
    • pages_show_list
    • publish_pages
  • List B:
    • business_management
    • groups_access_member_info
    • managed_groups
    • publish_to_groups
    • publish_video
    • user_mobile_phone

Currently, we do not send back a Page access token. User access tokens have expirations but can be renewed indefinitely.

Consumer permissions will expire after 90 days of inactivity.

Businesses can revoke permissions previously granted to a developer through the Business Integrations settings on Facebook.

If the user cancels the flow, the developer gets a cancel event. If the user completes the flow without granting all permissions, the developer gets access token for granted permissions (using the access token, you can query what permissions were granted).

You can get access to Business Login insights by integrating Facebook Analytics and accessing the Analytics Dashboard for you app: