Page-Scoped ID API

The Page-Scoped ID API allows you to get Page-scoped User IDs from App-scoped User IDs.

This API is only available to apps:

  • created before May 1st, 2018, and
  • that have passed App Review

Getting PSIDs from ASIDs

To get a Page-scoped ID from an App-scoped ID, send a POST request to the /pages_id_mapping root node and include the following parameters:


ParameterValue TypeDescription



The targeted Page's access token. (To get a scoped User ID for a Page, your app must query the endpoint using that Page's access token.)



Your appsecret_proof hash. Refer to our Securing Requests document for more information.

ignore_invalid_ids (optional)


Default is false. If set to true, invalid IDs will be ignored silently and omitted from the response. Otherwise, an error will be returned with a list of invalid IDs in the error_data property. ASIDs will be rejected if they are incomplete, belong to a different app, or if they are for non-ASID objects (e.g, a Post ID)



A list of up to 200 App-scoped User IDs to be converted to equivalent Page-scoped IDs for the Page whose Page access token was used to make the request. Separate IDs by a comma (,).

Sample Requests & Responses

Sample Request

curl -i -X POST \
 -d "user_ids=10154673853349851,1001789542988" \
 -d "appsecret_proof=your-appsecret-proof" \
 -d "access_token=the-page-access-token" \

Sample Response

      "id": "1535748669783931"
      "id": "1061502733949241"

Test Pages

To help with testing, you can designate up to 5 Pages as Test Pages. When using a Test Page with the Pages API, the API will return PSIDs instead of ASIDs.

To designate any Page you own as a Test Page, use the Pages API Migration section of your app's App Dashboard (Settings > Advanced > Pages API Migration).


API Availability

The Page-Scoped ID API will be available for 180 days from the date that your app passed App Review. The Pages API Migration section in your app's App Dashboard (Settings > Advanced > Pages API Migration) will display the number of days remaining for your app.

Rate Limits

Your app can make up to 5M calls, or 1% of the total number of fans across all of the Pages that your app manages, whichever value is smaller.

Error Codes

Error CodeDescription


Current app exceeds rate limit


Invalid App-scoped User IDs for current App. Invalid IDs will be listed in the error_data property. This error will be ignored if you include the ignore_invalid_ids=true parameter and value in your request.


Number of user_ids exceeds the maximum limit of 200 ASIDs.


A Page access token is needed to call the API.


This App or Page is not allowed to use the Page-Scoped ID API.