Wants to Watch Action

For developers building video apps, Facebook provides a common Open Graph video.wants_to_watch action.

This action can only refer to a common video-type object such as movie, tv_show, tv_episode or video.

This action and associated object types are automatically added to the App Dashboard when you use the action for the first time.

This document covers the following topics:

Code Samples

You can find platform-specific code samples on how to create, read, update, or delete a video.wants_to_watch action in the API Reference Guide.


If you publish a video.watches action that has the same object as a previously published video.wants_to_watch action, and the wants_to_watch action is part of a person's 'Movies' or 'TV Shows' section, that collection will be updated so the video originally listed in 'Wants to Watch' is now listed in the 'Watched' collection. Both actions still exist, this only affects how it's displayed on a person's timeline in their collections.

Controlling Verb Tenses

You may want to control the verb tense of some actions to express that an action is ongoing and did not just happen in the past. For example, when you publish a videos.wants_to_watch action, you may want to post a story that says “Jack wants to watch a movie on MyApp” instead of “...wanted to watch a movie...”.

You can do this by adding the expires_in parameter, which specifies for how many seconds the action will be considered still in progress (hence the present tense). After the action exoures, the tense automatically switches to the past tense. For example:

curl -F 'access_token=YOUR_TOKEN' \
     -F 'movie=https://www.example.com/movie_123.html' \
     -F 'expires_in=86400' \