Video Rates Action

For developers building video apps, Facebook provides a common Open Graph video.rates action.

This action can only refer to a common video-type object such as movie, tv_show, tv_episode or video.

This action and associated object types are automatically added to the App Dashboard when you use the action for the first time.

This document covers the following topics:

Code Samples

You can find platform-specific code samples on how to create, read, update, or delete a rates action in the API Reference Guide.

Publishing Ratings

You cannot publish two rate actions on the same person-video pair. If you need to add parameters to the same action, you should update the original action that you published.

This is an example code to publish a Rate action:

curl -F 'access_token=YOUR_TOKEN' \
     -F 'movie=' \
     -F 'rating:value=4.5' \
     -F 'rating:scale=5' \
     -F 'review_text=This movie combines a great performance by actor...' \

Submission Requirements

Submissions for a custom Rate action are not be accepted. If your app publishes actions on a person's behalf as they interact with content on your site, such as rating a video, you must use a common action. If your object isn't of type movie, tv_show, or tv_episode, you should use the general-purpose common video object type.