Wants to Read Action

For developers building book apps, Facebook provides a common Open Graph books.wants_to_read action. This action signals that a person wants to read a book.

This action can only refer to the common books.book object.

This action and associated object types are automatically added to the App Dashboard when you use the action for the first time.

This document covers the following topics:

Code Samples and Reference

Find platform-specific code samples on how to create, read, update, or delete a books.wants_to_read action in the API Reference Guide.


If you publish a books.reads action that has the same object as a previously published books.wants_to_read action, and the wants_to_read action is part of a person's 'Books' section, that collection will be updated so the book originally listed in 'Wants to Read' is now listed in the 'Read' collection. Both actions still exist, this only affects how it's displayed on a person's timeline in their collections.

Submission Criteria

Custom read, rate, or review actions connected with book objects are no longer accepted. Please use the common actions.

When you submit these actions, please remember to keep in mind the following:

  • If your app allows for a user to manually indicate that they've read a mass number of books at once, you should turn off feed stories for those actions (no_feed_story=1)

  • All book objects must have correct metadata, including the proper Author, Title, and be a real book with ISBN. Additionally, each image should display the entire cover so as to avoid getting cut off. Please do not use the book object to represent magazines, blogs, newspapers, periodicals, or other forms of literature.

Find more information on the submission process Open Graph Stories