The Messenger Expressions API is being deprecated and will stop functioning on August 1st, 2018. For information on sharing to Facebook Messenger, see Sharing to Messenger.

Messenger App Review

Enable Install and Reply buttons in Messenger

We review your app to ensure a high-quality experience for people. Once your app passes review, "Install" and "Reply" buttons will appear alongside messages shared from your app.

Prepare for Review

We want you to have a fast and efficient App Review experience. To minimize the chance of you having to submit for review more than once, follow these steps:

  1. Read and follow the Messenger Platform Policies and Messenger Brand Guidelines. Your submission may be rejected if your app doesn't comply with these
  2. Publish your app to the App Store or Google Play - you won't be able to submit for review until your app is live in the store. You'll get a faster response if your app is available in the US stores.
  3. Implement the ActivateApp iOS App Event and ActivateApp Android App Event in the version of your app that is live in the store.
  4. Ensure your App Details page is filled out correctly:
    • Upload an app icon
    • Fill out the Long Description field
    • Fill out the Tagline field
    • Provide the URL for your app's privacy policy

Please ensure you've followed these steps, otherwise your review may be delayed and/or rejected.

Submit for Review

When you're ready to submit for review, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click "Submit for Review" above

Select the app you want to submit for review and hit Continue.

Step 2: Provide more info about your app

Go to the App Review tab in the App Dashboard and click on the Start a Submission button.

Select "Optimized Sharing to Messenger" and add the item to your submission.

You need to provide step by step instructions on how the review team can reproduce the experience of sharing content to Messenger from your app. You'll also need to explain what happens when someone taps Reply alongside your content in Messenger.

Your app will also need to have fired the ActiviateApp event at least once in order to get the optimized sharing functionality to Messenger. Please refer to the iOS and Android technical documentation if you encounter error messages.

Red warning icons indicate that you need to provide more information before you can submit for review. Click on each warning icon to see how to resolve the issue. For example, you may need to add more info in your app settings:

Step 3: Tell us where to get your iOS and/or Android app


If you're submitting an app found in the US store (or the store of one of 11 other major countries), you can just tell us to download the app from there. Otherwise you'll have to provide a URL to a screencast which demonstrates how your app integrates with Messenger.


Android developers just need to select "Download it from Google Play".

Step 4: Upload screenshots

Upload at least 4 screenshots showing how your app integrates with Messenger.

Step 5: Confirm and submit

Once you've provided all the information required, click Submit for Review.

Review Results

It may take up to five business days for your app to be reviewed, but is often faster.

Once your review is done, you'll receive a Dev Alert with the review outcome.

  • Successful Review - If your review is successful, the Install and Reply buttons instantly appear next to all future and past content shared to Messenger from your app. Millions of people will be able to download and re-engage with your app right from within Messenger.

  • Declined - If your review submission is rejected, your app will continue to function as before. Install and Reply buttons will not appear with content shared from your app.

The review feedback contains clear reasons on why your submission is not successful, with suggestions on what you should fix or improve.

To create the best experience for people, we try to evenly distribute calls-to-action and in-Messenger discovery throughout the ecosystem. The presence of the Install and Reply buttons is not guaranteed, nor is app discovery within Messenger.

Understanding Review Feedback

All of your app's developers will receive a developer alert when submissions are made, approved, or returned for changes.

Messages with a blue banner are written by your app's reviewer. These messages can be "general" messages or specific to Messenger. When possible, we provide customized feedback to help you reach approval.

Messages with a red banner and an exclamation mark are responses to common app submission issues. These messages will clearly explain any changes that need to be made and refer to the appropriate developer documentation.

Direct Support

If your submission has been rejected, we also provide you with access to Direct Support, which will allow you to communicate directly with the Messenger Review Team in order to receive better clarification and guidance as to why your app was rejected. Find this option under the rejection notice in the Items in Review section of the App Review tab of your App Dashboard.

How do I set up my app for Direct Support?

Before you can submit a question, you need to associate your app ID with a Business Manager. You will see a "Sign-up for Support" button; click to begin the sign-up flow. After completing Business Manager sign-up, the button will render as "Create a Support Case". Simply, click on the "Create a Support Case" button to get started and choose "Messenger Platform Review" for the question type.