Messenger Platform


Get Supported Features

To ensure that your bot will work properly on the version of Messenger that the user has, you can call getSupportedFeatures() to get a list of features that are supported on the current client returned as an array of strings.

If a feature you depend on is not available, you can use this opportunity to fail gracefully with a message telling the user to upgrade.

MessengerExtensions.getSupportedFeatures(function success(result) {
  let features = result.supported_features;
}, function error(err) {
  // error retrieving supported features

Example Response

getSupportedFeatures() will return an array containing the featured supported in the current webview to the success callback. For details on the returned array values, see Features below.



Feature Description


Whether payments is supported on this client.


Using beginShareFlow() to open a broadcast flow will work on this client.


Using beginShareFlow() to share to the current thread will work on this client.


Sharing open graph messages is available.


getContext() is available in the webview.