Replies and Reactions Webhooks

On Oct 29, 2019 we introduced new webhook fields that allow apps to get user replies to a message and reactions to messages.

Users can react or reply to messages that are in the thread (both a Page message or referencing their one of their own messages). These webhooks allow apps to get the context of the reply that the user id referencing and subscribe to reactions.

Reply Webhook

For details see Messages Webhook Event Reference

Example of a reply to a message in Messenger

Example Reply Webhook Schema

    text: 'San Fransisco'
    mid: '<MID>'
    reply_to: {

Reaction Webhook

Reactions have their own subscription field called message_reactions. Reactions, like other user actions, open the 24-hr standard messaging window. For details see Reactions Webhook Event Reference

Example of a reaction in Messenger

Example Reaction Webhook Schema

    reaction: {
        reaction: 'smile|angry|sad|wow|love|like|dislike',
        emoji: '\u{2764}\u{FE0F}',
        action: 'react|unreact',
        mid: '<MID_OF_ReactedTo_Message>',