Useful Resources

Like any other development platform, it is important to have the right tools when developing for the Messenger Platform. Here is a short list of resources you may find useful as you get started.

Community & Support

Messenger Platform Developer Community Group

Need help? Check out our developer community group! More than 45,000 members are here to help debug, answer questions, and share their experiences. We also share announcements on this group.

Developer Community Forum

Visit the Q&A forum to get your implementation questions answered. Also don't be afraid to answer other developers questions and give back to the community.

Changelog Notfications

If you have an a Messenger app in production subscribe to Messenger changelog notifications.

Bug Reports

If you think you found a platform bug, report it to us! We want to fix it.

For New Businesses

Developer Videos

Visit our library of videos with walkthroughs, best practices and recorded events.

Messaging Partner Directory

Get set up with one of our Messenger partners who can help accelerate the results you get via Messenger.

Developer Tools

Graph API Explorer

The Graph API Explorer is a UI for testing GET, POST, and DELETE Graph API requests. You can also generate access tokens and code samples for your apps and Pages.

Meta Access Token Debugger

Think your access token has expired? Not sure if it has the right permissions? Run it through the Meta Access Token Debugger to see all the metadata associated with the token.

Meta Platform Dashboard

Experiencing issues with the Graph API or other parts of the Meta Platform? Check the Meta Platform Dashboard first to see if there is an outage or known issue.

Meta Login

Learn how to integrate Meta Login into your Messenger Platform experience.