Attachment Upload API Reference

This API allows you to upload an attachment that you may later send out to many users, without having to repeatedly upload the same data each time it is sent.


For error codes see this page.


The Graph API version should be set to 2.6 or greater.

To send a message, make a POST request to<PAGE_ACCESS_TOKEN> with your page access token. The payload must be provided in JSON format as described below:

The Upload API requires the pages_messaging permission.


curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{
}' ""


Property Name Description Required


message object


The message is the same as the Send API message payload, but only multi-media attachments are supported:


A successful Upload API request returns a JSON string containing the identifier for the attachment.




Property Name Description


Nonexpiring ID for the attachment


Calls to the Upload API

We support a high rate of calls to the Attachment Upload API. However, you should architect your systems such that you distribute any sudden high amounts of load over time and are able to control your throughput should you hit our rate limits.

Rate limits are in place to prevent malicious behavior and poor user experiences. Be sure to catch any errors returned by the Send API including the one indicating that you've reached the rate limit.