payment_settings Reference

Messenger Profile API

payment_settings is a property of the Messenger Profile API. For information on retrieving, setting, updating, and deleting payment_settings, see the Messenger Profile API Reference.

The payment_settings property of your bot's Messenger Profile provides the Messenger Platform with several settings needed to implement various aspects of payments in your bot:

For complete details on implementing payments in your bot, see Payments.



To set or update payment settings you must have the 'Administrator' role for the Page associated with the bot.

payment_settings Format

Beta Access

You need to be accepted to our beta program to use payment features in your bot in production. You can still test payment features in development mode until then.

Request Access





The URL of the privacy policy for your bot. Required for buy button payments.



Your public key. Used to encrypt all webview payments, and buy button implementations that use tokenized payments.



A list of IDs for people that will test payments in your bot. These people will send a mock payment when they tap the buy button.

Rate Limit

Calls to the Messenger Profile API are limited to 10 API calls per 10 minute interval. This rate limit is enforced per Page.