home_url Reference

Messenger Profile API

home_url is a property of the Messenger Profile API. For information on retrieving, setting, updating, and deleting home_url, see the Messenger Profile API Reference.

Chat Extensions are no longer supported!

This home_url property of your bot's Messenger profile allows your bot to enable a Chat Extension in the composer drawer in Messenger. It controls what is displayed when the Chat Extension is invoked via the composer drawer in Messenger.

For more information on building Chat Extensions, see Chat Extensions.



The domain of the home URL for your Chat Extension must be added to the domain whitelist in your bot's Messenger profile.

To set or update the home URL you must have the 'Administrator' role for the Page associated with the bot.

home_url Format

The URL specified here is for Chat Extensions only. The web app at the URL you specify should use the APIs available in the webview to implement useful functionality for people that use your Chat Extension.

This field is not a place to put your bot or company's homepage.

  "home_url" : {
     "url": "<URL_FOR_CHAT_EXTENSION>",
     "webview_height_ratio": "tall",
     "webview_share_button": "show",


Property Type Description



The URL to be invoked from drawer.



Controls the height of webview. Only allowed value is tall.



Optional. Controls whether the share button in the webview is enabled. Either show or hide, defaults to "hide".



Controls whether users not assigned a role for your bot or its Facebook page can see the Chat Extension.

This should be set to true until the Chat Extension is ready to be used by others.

Rate Limit

Calls to the Messenger Profile API are limited to 10 API calls per 10 minute interval. This rate limit is enforced per Page.