get_started Reference

Messenger Profile API

get_started is a property of the Messenger Profile API. For information on retrieving, setting, updating, and deleting get_started, see the Messenger Profile API Reference.

A bot's welcome screen can display a Get Started button. When this button is tapped, the Messenger Platform will send a messaging_postbacks event to your webhook. Bots that add the button may also wish to configure their greeting text.

The welcome screen is only shown the first time the user interacts with the Page on Messenger. While the Facebook app is in development mode, the welcome screen will only be visible to people with the administrator, developer, and tester app roles.



To set the get started button, you must have the Administrator role for the Facebook Page associated with the bot.

get_started Format



Property Type Description



Payload sent back to your webhook in a messaging_postbacks event when the 'Get Started' button is tapped. 1000 character limit.

Rate Limit

Calls to the Messenger Profile API are limited to 10 API calls per 10 minute interval. This rate limit is enforced per Page.