How do I launch my bot?

To launch your Messenger Platform bot please follow these steps:

  1. Review the Pre-launch checklist
  2. Test your bot
  3. Submit your App for Review
  4. Make your App Public, Publish Page

1. Pre-launch Checklist

Before you launch please be sure to:

2. Test Your Bot

Please test your bot, you may wish to consider:

  • Responsiveness - ensure your bot responds quickly
  • Error/fail states - Do you provide information fail states? allowing people to recover and re-join the experience?
  • User journeys - Are all your user journeys complete?
  • Scale - Does your infrastructure scale?

When your app is in Development Mode, your bot will work for admins, developers and testers of the app. After your app is approved and public, it will work for the general public.

3. Submit your App for Review

Once your ready to launch your bot, please submit your app for review.

Your bot will then be tested by our team to ensure it's compliant with our Platform Policies.

Please review our App Review guide for more details.

4. Make your App Public and Publish Page

After you pass review, make your app public in the App Dashboard under App Review.

Also, make sure your Page is published in Pages settings.