Conversation Entry Points

The Messenger Platform will allow your bot to send messages to a person only if they start the conversation first. To help drive this initial engagement, we offer a ton of entry points for people to find and engage with your bot in Messenger, Facebook, the web, and even the real world!

Chat Plugin

The Chat plugin allows you to integrate your Messenger experience directly into your website. This allows your customers to interact with your business anytime with the same personalized, rich-media experience they get in Messenger. Learn More →

Your bot is also discoverable by users searching in Messenger. While typing in the search box, we'll show a typeahead dialog that will enable people to find your bot.

Facebook Page

Many people will find your bot via your Facebook page, often through search or a post in their newsfeed. When configuring the page, consider setting "Send Message" as your Page's primary CTA.

Ads that click to Messenger

Drive traffic to your Messenger experience with ads in Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger Inbox. Learn More → Links links can be added anywhere that hyperlinks work. They link people to your bot, whether they are on mobile or desktop. links also let you to track which links are most effective or invoke specific functionality when the link is opened. Learn More →

Web Plug-ins

Messenger provides a variety of easy-to-integrate plug-ins that bring users to your bot from the web. Messenger's web plug-ins allow your user's to choose to receive messages, open a new conversation, and more. Learn More →

Login Connect with Messenger

With Login Connect with Messenger, users can now opt into communicating with your business through Messenger Platform right from the Facebook Login flow on your mobile app or website. This enables you to deepen your user engagement and provide stronger, more efficient customer care by communicating with more customers on the channel they prefer. Learn More →