Instagram Messaging Rollout

We are currently in phase 1 of the global rollout of the Instagram Messaging. Instagram accounts with follower count over 10K and under 100K are able to connect to the API. We plan to expand to accounts with between 1K and 100K followers for the next phase in July and include remaining accounts for the last phase by end of Q3. Please check this page for updates.

We recommend the following approach to onboard businesses during the phased rollout:

  • Obtain business’ permission to manage their Instagram messages through your permission flow.
  • Once you have obtained the permission, call the Conversation API with the business’ access token to check their eligibility: if the API responds with error code 36103 with the message "This IG account is not eligible for API yet" the business is not yet eligible.
  • If the API call succeeds, the business is eligible. Please note that eligible businesses will remain so throughout the phased rollout regardless of changes in their follower count.

Test and demo accounts

During the phased rollout, we will allow accounts with a username starting with “test_” to access the API regardless of their follower count. This is intended to allow API access for development and demonstration purposes.

If you don’t have an Instagram business account with follower count that is within the phased rollout, you can create a new Instagram business account with the username starting with “test_” (for example: “test_cooldemoaccount”). This will allow you to try out the various Instagram Messaging features (send API, webhooks, Conversation API) in development and prepare your app for app review before onboarding eligible Instagram business accounts.

While the app is in development mode/ standard access, Instagram Messaging APIs (Send API, Webhook, Conversation API) will only work for users that have a role in the app. The following behaviors will apply:

  • Send API will only work for users that have a role in the app.
  • Webhook will only be delivered for users that have a role in the app.
  • Conversation API will only be showing threads/messages for users that have a role in the app.