Example Messenger Experiences

With the Messenger Platform you can build an almost endless number of experiences, from lead generation, to commerce, to customer service and more. Check out some of our sample experiences below to see a little bit of what is possible, and get inspired to build your own experience in Messenger.

Full E-commerce Experience Example - Original Coast Clothing

Demo brand created to showcase key features of the Messenger Platform and common entry points. This experience demos best practices around providing costumer care and driving consideration using Messenger.

Here are a few experience highlights:

Webview Example - Wishlist

Messenger experiences are made of more than in-conversation messages. With the Messenger webview, you can also provide app-like functionality.

Here are a few examples of what is possible:

  • Display longer forms or lists of options.
  • Allow easy changes to information previously entered.
  • Present multi-select lists.
  • Create highly interactive moments—especially those requiring direct manipulation—like a map or seating chart.

Account Linking Example

Let the people you reach on Messenger benefit from the account information and preferences stored in their existing accounts with you. Account Linking lets you easily authenticate people on Messenger with your existing login flow.

Here are a few ways you can use account linking to enhance your Messenger experience:

  • Allow people on Messenger to quickly benefit from their existing account data.
  • Allow people on Messenger to create an account that can be used beyond Messenger.