Getting Started

Even if you are completely new to the Messenger Platform, getting started is quick and easy! Just follow these steps to understand the platform and start building.

Give the Messenger Platform a Test Drive!

Getting started on the Messenger platform is easy. You can deploy a fully functional Messenger experience within 30 minutes. All you need need is your computer and an internet connection. By the end, you will be able to chat with your Page on Messenger and see the automated responses from your Page.
Try Test Drive
Learn about the Messenger Platform
Check out our introduction docs to learn the basics of everything the Messenger Platform has to offer, including an overview of all of our APIs, plugins, conversation components, and more.
Try out our sample messaging experiences
Learn from working code that implements some of our most popular features, then see it in action. We also offer a great design kit that provides handy drag-and-drop elements for UI prototyping.
Set up your webhook
Everything that happens to your Messenger experience is sent as an event to your webhook. This is where your code lives, and is the core of your Messenger Platform integration, where you will receive, process, and send messages.
Set up your Facebook app
A Facebook app is the connection between everything Messenger and your webhook. Connect your webhook to your app, subscribe your app to receive webhook events for a Page, and you are ready to start building an awesome Messenger experience.
Build your first experience in Messenger
Follow our quick start to build your first experience in only ten minutes!